MUSLIMS across the world are today observing the Eid-ul-Fitr, after successfully rounding up the month-long Ramadan during which they have abstained from food, drink and other earthly desires to seek the blessings and mercies of Allah.

Indeed, the yearly ritual of fasting comes with lots of devotion and commitment to the will of God.

Through the period, Muslims have been up on their knees in prayer running deep into the night seeking the blessings of Allah for their wellbeing and for the prosperity of mankind.

It is the conviction of all believers that the good Lord has responded to their prayers and granted mankind boundless blessings for which reason they must rejoice and give thanks and praises to Allah for his continuous blessings to mankind.

The Ghanaian Times to urges the Muslim community not to relent but to continue to pray to Allah to guide our leadership to steer the affairs of the country and make democracy and rule of law have meaningful impacts on the lives of Ghanaians.

We commend the Muslim community for the admirable relationships and understanding they have forged with other faiths which has ensured peace and stability of the country.

No doubt the differences lie on our strength. Let us not be complacent of this religious dividend and strive harder to engage with one another to find common grounds to resolve all our differences.

It is common knowledge that some Muslim communities; are facing numerous challenges such as lack of educational facilities, health care, entrepreneurial skills and social interventions for the needy.

But thankfully, the government has responded to this challenge by creating the Ministry of Inner Cities and Zongo Development, to help address them.

In fact the Islamic religion has it that God will not change the circumstance of mankind unless mankind takes the initiative to change his or her circumstance. In other words, Allah helps those who help themselves.

It is dehumanising to see some people, including children who should have been in school, begging on the street as a kind of livelihood. We certainly believe that God has not created anyone into perpetual poverty and deprivation.

There abound lots of opportunities and livelihood strategies and we urge our disadvantage Muslim brothers and sisters to access the numerous livelihood intervention programmes and projects to improve their well being.

The establishment of the Zaqat and Sadaqat Fund has the huge potential to address the needs and aspirations of the needy and build resilience in deprived communities to support the disadvantaged.

We urge the Muslim community to subscribe to the fund, by paying into it their religious obligations to accrue the needed resources to address the needs and aspirations of the poor, for the sake of Allah.

Let the well endowed ones in society know that Allah has blessed them with the resources to keep in trust for the needy and poor to ensure inclusive growth, peace and stability.

Let us, therefore, spend in the course of Allah by redistributing wealth for the benefit of all. Once again we wish you a joyful Eid Mubarak. Let us celebrate in moderation and have incident-free Eid.

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