Education is key to devt of Zongos, Inner Cities- Dr Abdul-Hamid

Dr. Abdul-Hamid (fourth from left)  with some members of  the Council of Zongo Chiefs during the  tour

Dr. Abdul-Hamid (fourth from left) with some members of the Council of Zongo Chiefs during the tour

The Minister for Inner-Cities and Zongo Development, Dr Mustapha Abdul Hamid has reiterated the need for education within the inner-cities and Zongo communities to enhance development.

According to him, education was the important tool needed for the transformation within such communities, adding that, it would help wipe out ignorance and poverty among the people.

Dr Abdul-Hamid said this yesterday during a consultative meeting with the Council of Zongo Chiefs and during a tour of some  parts of Accra.

“Education liberates people, if we can educate our people and ensure they are holistically educated; then they would be totally liberated from the problems associated with illiteracy,” he stated.

He indicated that, the right approach in educating people within the Zongo communities especially was to copy the approach of the Ghana Muslim Mission of combining the circular education with Arabic education (Makaranta).

The minister said, the President was committed to developing the inner-cities and Zongo communities because he believed that the development of the country should affect all communities in the country including the inner-cities and Zongo communities.

He indicated that, there was the need for all communities to have the same level of opportunity to develop no matter where they were located.

According to him, there would not be any form of discrimination among communities within his ambit and that the same level of importance would be attached to all.

“I am the President’s instrument for transforming inner cities and Zongo communities, and I will do that as long as the President keeps me at the ministry,” he assured.

Dr Abdul-Hamid stressed the need to place equal value on all communities to promote social inclusion, adding that, some communities had been left with regards to development which included hospitals, schools and other social amenities.

Dr Abdul-Hamid called for the support of the Zongo Chiefs, and community leaders and elders to achieve the mandate of improving the lives of people living in the inner-cities and zongos.

The Public Relations Officer of the Greater Accra Council of Zongo Chiefs, Chief Baba Issa, said the council existed to promote unity among all Zongo communities and to ensure peace within the chiefs and the community members.

He said the council was prepared to be part of activities to be outlined by the Ministry for the development of the Zongo communities and the inner cities.

At Korle Gonno, the chiefs and elders pledged their support to help the ministry come out with plans to enhance the lives of the people and to restore the area to its former glory.




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