Education Director advocates affordable education

Enoch Cobinnah, Chief Director, Ministry of EducationMr. Enoch Cobbinah, Chief Director of the Ministry of Education, says academic excellence could only be realized through quality affordable education, to determine the future growth and development of every country.

He said academic excellence, therefore, required quality teaching through the use of appropriate teaching aids.

Mr. Cobbinah stated these in a speech read for him by Rt. Rev. Daniel Kofi Mensa Stephens, Bishop of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Christ, at a forum to mark the celebration of the Sixth Education Day of Stakeholders in Education, for children in Senya Beraku.

The day, held on the theme, “Quality affordable education and proper heath care – the requisite tools for good nation building,” was to assess the academic standards of the children in the area.

According to the Director, academic excellence requires that parents play their respective roles by providing the necessities that will motivate the children to learn, and also need discipline as a necessary ingredient for effective teaching and learning.

Mr. Cobbinah said quality, affordable education has to do with the provision of the very necessary resources to produce committed and competent persons who will be useful to  society.

To achieve this, he said, there is the need for improved human and financial resources so as to ensure quality education delivery.

“The kind of education a nation has determines the kind of human resources it has.”

The Director said good management practices that promote efficiency in schools,  matter most in achieving academic excellence, and believed that schools in the communities have gone through many challenges just as the country has,  in delivering quality education to the people.

He, therefore, commended stakeholders in the town for setting aside a day annually to discuss education issues, and urged them to contribute their quota to supplement government efforts,  so that  quality education could be achieved.

The Headmaster of Senya Senior High School (SHS), Mr. Eric Nana Mensah, appealed to parents to encourage their wards to attend school regularly,  because absenteeism themselves from classes lead to poor academic performances.

He said they should play counselor roles to their wards, in order to eschew all negative tendencies,  such as disrespect for the elderly, truancy, indulging in drugs, indecent dressing, and cyber fraud,  but to concentrate on their books to enable them pass their examinations.

He added that if the habit of self-discipline was inculcated in the children, and parents collaborate with the teachers to monitor the activities of their children, it would go a long way to help to protect them from all negative tendencies that affect their education.


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