‘Ebola Is Not Spiritual’

REV.    Dr OPUNI  FRIMPONG (2)The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) has called on the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders, such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), to intensify public education and develop strong health systems across the country to fight the deadly Disease.

A press statement signed by the General Secretary of the CCG, Reverend Dr. Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong, said “the council considers Ebola as a disease and not a punishment from God, as some people are reportedly describing it, and, therefore, public education should be intensified to demystify the myth created about the disease.

It said “in order for us to avoid the epidemic from entering into the country through our various borders and halt its sporadic spread within the sub-region, the various Health Ministers within the Economic Community of West Africa States ECOWAS, must quickly come together to map out strategies and strengthen surveillance for the early detection and treatment of the virus within the sub-region”.

‘’ECOWAS leaders must show greater commitment to the fight against the disease by committing adequate funds and resources to finding solutions to it,’’ it said.

The statement urged the government to quickly train and equip community health workers in each region to be able to detect the Ebola virus for early treatment.

‘’The Ministry of Health (MOH) should immediately set up the treatment centres it plans to put up in Accra, Kumasi and Tamale to cater for the infected, in the event that the disease somehow finds its way into the country. It must quickly commit enough resources into a special fund to develop what it takes to fight the Ebola virus effectively,’’ it advised.

Meanwhile, the Council said it had started a sensitization programme within its member churches and other platforms to complement efforts by the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders in education the general public on the disease.

The Council appealed to MOH, WHO and other concerned organizations in Ghana to support the Council and other religious organisations in the country with the needed resources in our collective efforts against the disease.

‘’In all these, we will continue to pray and hope that our Good Lord will deliver us and our brothers and sisters in other countries from this deadly disease, and grant us the wisdom to find a lasting solution to it,’’ the Council said.’’

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