East Ashiyie residents stage demo against bad road

Some of the residents demonstrating to show their anger Photo Michael Ayeh

Some of the residents demonstrating to show their anger Photo Michael Ayeh

Residents of East Ashiyie, in the Adentan Municipality, yesterday demonstrated against the poor nature of the road leading to Kpone Akata-manso, Ashiaman and its environs.

The angry residents wielded placards with inscriptions and blocked a section of the road, preventing commercial and private drivers from plying the road, while chanting “no road, no campaign,” “no water, no campaign”.

According to the  Chairman of the  East  Ashiyie  Residents  Association(EARA), Mr. Mark  Amlor,  the residents  were fed up and angry about the  poor nature of the road and lack of water in the  community.

Mr. Amlor noted that the road project was awarded to a contractor about two years ago and was expected to be completed in February this year.

He said the contractor whose identity was not known brought in the chippings for construction but collected them without explanation.According to

Mr. Amlor, the contractor used some of the chippings to construct a road, which was not part of

the original plan.

He said that the contractor quickly came to level the road when he  called into a radio show  to complain  about the nature of the road to the Minister of Roads  and Highways,

Alhaji Inusah Fusieni, who was a guest  at the radio station.

Mr. Amlor said residents have been suffering from lung diseases and constant fu as a result of the dusty nature of the road.

“We also do not have water in the community thereby share a pond of water with cattle in the community”, he said.

In an attempt to get water for the residents, he said, the Ogbojo branch of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) asked the residents to pay GH¢1,000,000 before they would be connected to the main service pipe line, which was along the main road.

Mr. Amlor said some developmental projects in the area were done by the association, and it could not add road and water projects to its work.

“We are giving the contractor and government a minimum of 14 days or we would advise ourselves,” he warned.

Mr. Amlor also cautioned political parties not to consider campaigning in the community until the road has been repaired and water supplied to the people.

A resident of the community, Mrs. Abena Asantewaa Debrah, said during the dry season, the road becomes dusty, and unmotorable in the rainy season.“We have to service our vehicles often due to the nature of the road,” she added.

By Jemima Esinam Kuatsinu

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