A DVLA staff (left) and a police checking a vehicleThe Western Regional Directorate of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), and the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) of the Ghana Police Service, have organised a joint educational campaign for road users in the region.

The objective is to check the roadworthiness of vehicles, including lighting/electrical system, brakes, wornout tyres, validity of stickers, exhaust emission, Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC), wrong use of DP/DV plates, damaged windscreen/mirrors and wiper blades, among others.

Addressing the media after the exercise, the Western Regional Director of DVLA, Mr. Emmanuel Narh, said the idea was to educate the road user, especially drivers and vehicle owners, to keep proper documents to make their vehicles roadworthy.

Mr. Narh said it was in the interest of vehicle owners to keep their vehicles in good shape to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

He said through forgetfulness some car users could forget to renew their documents so we remind them to do so without prosecution adding “if it is found out that a person deliberately refuses to renew his documents after being cautioned he will face the law courts to explain his motive”.

Mr. Narh said Act 569 empowers the DVLA to register all vehicles and ensure the road worthiness of all vehicles on the road.

He observed that the joint exercise was very important because this year was an election year and political parties would carry supporters with vehicles so DVLA would ensure that correct vehicles were used for transporting people and not open pickups or tipper trucks with open bodies.

Mr. Narh said all political parties need people to vote for them but if there were fatalities with loss of lives, these parties would lose some votes.

The Regional Director disclosed that 19 vehicles have been impounded for various road use offences and defects on their vehicles and driver of such vehicles would be processed for court by the police.

He said two tricycles were arrested for riding without licence, explaining that one was arrested for driving with wrong class driver’s licence, while the other a learner was driving without an instructor

Three other drivers were arrested and their vehicles impounded for insecure loading, expired roadworthy certificate and wrong use of DV plate.

He told the media that the education and periodic checks would continue at random and called on road users and drivers to check their vehicles thoroughly before coming out onto the road from now till December.

Mr. Narh appealed to the media to collaborate with DVLA taskforce to carry the message to the Ghanaians so that this year’s elections and Christmas would be witnessed without any fatal road crashes.

 From Peter Gbambila, Takoradi




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