FRANKLY, hearing the news that dumsor will end next week, does not excite anymore because several deadlines given to end the situation, did not bring an end to the blackouts.

Instead, the situation keeps worsening and that is why the Minister of Power, Dr. Kwabena Donkor’s promise yesterday that dumsor would end from next week, was received with mixed feelings.

Honestly, the promise to end dumsor has been received with a lot of skepticism, but we are hopeful that the latest promise would not not turn out as those made in the past.

The Minister promised in February this year, to resign his position by the end of this month should the load-shedding persists.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Donkor has come under intense criticism lately, following the worsening of the power crisis late last month.

Although the situation seemed to have eased due to some interventions by the government, many people are likely to dismiss the latest promise as a political gimmick, especially because the deadline given by the Minister to resign, if he is unable to end dumsor is getting close.

We have no reason to doubt what the Power Minister has promised and we are hopeful that by next week, dumsor would end.

Significantly, Dr. Donkor said “essentially we are working from all fronts. I expect that the quantum being shed should be reducing from next week by which time we will have 120-units in place from Atuabo, in addition to 150 from TAPCO to back it”.

In addition, he said the Karpower barge is undergoing mechanical tests together with the installation of the AMERI Power Plant.

He also mentioned the expansion work at TICO which is expected to add 120 megawatts of power to the national grid and asserted that, all these generating assets would break the power deficit to end the load-shedding.

We are glad the load-shedding is gradually coming to an end, and hope that the promise is the last we would hear about dumsor.

Indeed, if dumsor should end by next week, Ghanaians would heave a sigh of relief from an unprecedented three-year load-shedding, which has impacted every facet of life in the country.

As we look forward to the end of dumsor, we pray and hope that nothing would happen to derail the plan to end the blackouts once and for all.


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