DSW warns schools over illegal day care centres

oyePrivate schools that enroll children below age four have been asked to register with the Department of Social Welfare to conform with the operations of day care centres.

This is because children under four years are classified under day care pupils and are supposed to be treated as such with professional attention and care.

Mr. Jonathan Gyau, Central Regional Director of the Department of Social Welfare, said this when he briefed a consultative meeting held in Cape Coast on the implementation  of the Early Care Development Policy  and  the  Department’s achievements and challenges.

He said some private schools were enrolling children below four years which was against the Department’s rules and regulations and that such children were supposed to be in day care centres.

He appealed to private schools that wished to enroll such children to register with the Department of Social Welfare.

According to him, the Department was monitoring the situation and schools found culpable would be sanctioned.

By the regulations, some of which were being flouted by the schools, he said daycare centres do not have to close until all children were picked by parents, and they were not supposed to go on vacation since some parents work throughout the year.

The main challenge facing the department, according to Mr. Gyau, was inadequate financial and logistics resources, which was hindering its operations, and therefore, called on the government and civil society organisations to help the Department to secure the necessary support to operate more effectively.


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