The teaching profession is one of the noblest profession because of its unique role in character formation in children to become responsible and the valuable asset to a country. It is, therefore, not in doubt that development of the human resources of any country lies in the teacher.

It is, also true that teachers are located in every corner of the country, rendering valuable services in the remotest and outlandish parts of the country where no public or civil servant can be found l because of lack basic amenities.

Unfortunately, the sacrifices and the good work being done by teachers is being soiled by few of the them who engage in anti-social activities.

The reports of some teachers engaging in acts of sexual harassment, sexual abuse of children including defilement and rape is worrying. Much so, when teachers who are supposed to know better, by exhibiting exemplary conduct worthy of emulation by the children, become the perpetrators and worse offenders.

The Ghanaian Times is saddened about the report of the teacher who defiled a 12-year-old primary six pupil at Akrofi-Xeviofe, in the Volta Region and gave the child GH¢2.00. The case is before a competent court of jurisdiction for the law to take its course.

This is one too many a case that the Ghana Education Service must use to crack the whips very hard.  It is, inconceivable that although GES has disciplinary procedures that deals with such cases it appears there are a few bad nuts determined to denigrate the profession and drag into the mud in spite of the sacrifices and efforts of the many hardworking teachers.

It is common knowledge that very often, we hear the case is being investigated but we hardly hear of the outcome of the investigation and the punitive measures to stop the canker in our educational institutions. Often, some of the cases are swept under the carpet with the connivance of the parents of the victims after some amount of money has parted away.

There are many cases of child abuse by unscrupulous teachers that are not in the public domain because school authorities and the parents have opted to settle the matter on a quiet to avoid embarrassment.

We feel such an approach does not auger well and does not also serve as a deterrent.  It only goes to embolden the perpetrators and the act continues!

We have our educational system emphasising the teaching of Religious and Moral Educations(R&ME) in one breadth and on the other we hear of the same teachers engaging in sexual abuse and other unethical behavious. So we ask, to what extent are we making impact in the teaching of R&ME?

We accept that there would be bad nuts among the teaching population but its time parents empower the children to resist any sexual overtures from their teachers. Teachers must also resist the temptation of stooping so low as to have inappropriate sexual relationship with a miner.

School authorities must not try to cover up by arranging for “gentleman agreement” in resolving such issues when they happen.

Society is gradually losing confidence in the teaching profession and the onus lies in school authorities to restore the confidence and assure parents that their wards are safe in their hands.






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