The People’s National Convention (PNC), at the weekend held its seventh national delegates’ congress and now has a new comeback kid.

Dr. Edward Nasigre Mahama, is the “Comeback kid” who is in to galvanise the PNC to contest next year’s general elections, in a bid to become the next president of Ghana.

He dethroned his successor, Hassan Ayariga, in his fifth attempt to lead the PNC to capture political power.

Dr. Mahama has previously led the PNC to three consecutive elections, but was unable to capture power until he was dethroned by Hassan Ayariga, who led PNC in the 2012 general election.

Frankly, Dr. Mahama’s comeback did not surprise many as the happenings in the PNC lately, pointed to a change of leadership.

The party members have spoken! His choice therefore, means that the supporters want him to lead once again to contest next year’s general elections.

To the party supporters, he certainly might have sold a programme superior to his contestant and convinced them that it could propel him to become the President of the Republic of Ghana.

Although, Dr. Mahama conceded that Ghanaians have not given the PNC any opportunity to govern, he was convinced that with his new programme, he would hopefully be given the chance to govern the country.

“We would be rolling out a number of programmes that would relieve the country of the stress it was going through,” he said in his acceptance speech at the weekend in Wa, in the Upper West Region.

The Times believes that in politics, sometimes everything old can suddenly become new and it’s refreshing to have Dr. Mahama back.

While we welcome him, we nonetheless are aware that, he must be bringing new ideas from his brief “political wilderness”.

Certainly, while on the vacation and watching from the sidelines, Dr. Mahama might have come with fresh ideas under his sleeve that he wants to sell to Ghanaians.

We wish him a successful comeback and hope that he would reciprocate the goodwill that PNC members have shown him by campaigning hard to capture power for the party.

There is a huge opportunity for PNC to make a difference and perform better than it had done in previous elections.

Welcome, “Comeback kid” Dr. Nasigre Mahama.


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