Don’t Take Bribe From Club Officials – Agbovi Cautions Referees

Ref AgboviPremier League Referee of the Year 2013/14, William Agbovi, has exclusively disclosed that he has been approached on several occasions with bribe to influence the outcome of matches but declined on all those occasions.

Speaking after winning the referee of the year award, Agbovi said, “Several clubs have approached me with bribes before but I can’t mention names. The monies are sometimes very tempting but if you have an ambition to achieve something big in life, you wouldn’t allow such monies to derail your attention”.

The 42 year old gentleman who has won the award on two previous occasions, 2008 and 2012, however cautioned his colleague referees to be wary of the club administrators who approach them with bribes since they are the same people who will speak ill against them.

“Even though I can’t hold brief for other referees, I always tell my colleagues to be very careful with how they conduct themselves whenever they are approached with such kinds of monies. Look, the person who gives you the money today is the same person who will tell his colleague club executive and tell him how you are and how you conduct yourself. In the end, your image is soiled”, he added.

He concluded by saying, “The monies are very tempting. Just imagine that we had to play the entire first round of the league and get into the second round before our officiating fees are given to us. One may have to travel from Accra to Wa to officiate a game and it’s difficult sometimes. But if you know what you are up to, I don’t think you should allow that to negate your credibility”.

Referee William Agbovi has won the Best Referee Award on three occasions, 2008, 2012 and 2014.

Agbovi also called on sports journalists to learn more about the game and be very circumspect in their reportage especially when it comes to the technicalities of the game.

“Things are changing but most of the sports journalists are not abreast with the new trends. So when a referee takes a decision on the field of play, they might be thinking it is a wrong decision”, Referee Agbovi said.

“Just last weekend, FIFA organized a course for Elite Referees in Prampram and from that programme, you will see that the changes keep on coming. Football is becoming scientific and what we have even learnt now, we have to organize courses for other league referees, either than that, they will mess up”, he added.

The 42 year old award winner concluded that, even though journalism is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, he urged sports journalists to start learning a lot about the changes that keep on occurring in the game so as to give accurate news with less misinformation.









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