Don’t Despair; Stars!

John_Dramani_Mahama_at_Chatham_HouseTHE President, John Dramani Mahama yesterday urged the Black Stars not to lose hope in the face of the defeat suffered in the hands of USA, in the opening Group G match at the Brazil 2014 World Cup finals which many Ghanaians stayed awake to watch.

The President, in a statement issued on Tuesday, was emphatic that, “Though we lost this first match, we are not defeated. We are rather determined”.

To the utter dismay of many Ghanaians, Ghana lost the opening match against the USA, who, Ghana had twice beaten at the World Cup 2006, and 2010 respectively.

The loss was a big jolt to the country’s World Cup campaign.

Without mincing words, many Ghanaians had predicted and firmly believed, Ghana would trounce the USA, for the third successive time.

However, this was not to be! The USA inflicted that painful defeat on Ghana. The Times, and for that matter, all Ghanaians, are disappointed, if not totally shattered!

But the President, clearly feeling the pulse of the nation, is encouraging all to be even more supportive, and optimistic of subsequent victories for the Stars.

We are hopeful that the Black Stars would learn their lesson from the defeat and not despair.

We are optimistic they would prepare and focus on the second match, which may prove extremely difficult, and reclaim our glory.

We fully support the President’s assertion that, we are not a country that can easily be counted out.

We are capable of coming back stronger, braver and victorious.

We therefore join President Mahama to encourage all Ghanaians neither to lose hope nor despair, but believe, the Black Stars would sparkle, shine and be the leading light of the African teams.

Ghanaian must not, so soon, forget the spirited performances of the gallant Stars in South Africa in 2010, and remain resolute and continue to support them.

The match against Germany on Saturday, would be tough, but we trust the Stars would rise to the occasion, and upset the Germans. After all isn’t the game of football full of upsets?

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