Don’t approve FA’s budget for Stars -Abbey Pobee tells MoYS

PobeeKumasi-based football administrator, Mr. Jonathan Abbey Pobee has chided the Ghana Football Association (GFA) for presenting a budget to the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS) for the Black Stars participation in next year’s Confederation of African Football (CAF) Nations Cup in Gabon yet fail to form the Public Interest Committee (PIC) to give government a stake.

Mr. Pobee, who is the chairman of Neoplan Stars football club, told Times Sports in an interview that the GFA has a total number of 31 committees with the PIC as the only one government has a representative on.

However, the FA has failed to form the PIC which could offer government the chance to articulate its views on the administration of the sport.

And this, according to the veteran football administrator, was not fair to government that doles out cash for the running of the team, adding that, ‘if the FA has nothing to hide they should go ahead and form the Public Interest Committee.’

According to Article 73 of the GFA Statutes, there shall be a 5-member Public Interest Committee. The function of the committee shall include liaising with the Ministry responsible for sports in terms of provision of the necessary facilities required for building the national football teams.

It would also liaise with the Ministry responsible for Sports in the provision of funds by the Government for purposes of building national football teams.

In accordance with directives of the Executive Committee and the Ministry, formulate policies, which are necessary for building strong national teams.

It can also perform other functions as ascribed by the Executive Committee with respect to the protocol on GFA/Government relations.

Per article 73 of the GFA statutes, the PIC is very important in building strong national football teams.

However, for 11 years, the PIC has not been functioning.

Currently, it is non-existent because Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi failed to ensure its formation after his re-election last year.

Mr. Pobee has therefore charged MoYS not to approve any budget for the Black Stars participation in next year’s AFCON in Gabon.

“If government is serious about football in this country, the Minister should ensure a functional Public Interest Committee is put in place by the GFA before it approves any budget from the national football teams,” he said.

“The Commission of Inquiry into matters relating to the participation of the Black Stars at the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 formed by the President of the Republic of Ghana, also stressed on the need to ensure a functional PIC because of its importance but up until now it is yet to be formed.”

“It is the responsibility of the PIC to question how the GFA uses sponsorship money since government cannot interfere in the affairs of the GFA” Pobee added.

By William Fiifi Sey






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