Disciplinary Committee dismisses coach’s protest

The Disciplinary Committee of the GFA has dismissed coach Hans Van der-Pluym’s protest for an enforcement of a decision of the Player Status Committee on outstanding contractual claim made against Berekum Chelsea.

The decision was taken after the Committee received a letter from the Petitioner ( Van de-Pluym) calling for a withdrawal of protest.

The Petitioner protested against the Responden ( Berekum Chelsea)t for failing to fulfill the decision of the Players Status Committee dated September 26, 2014 which requested Berekum Chelsea to pay the Petitioner an amount of GHc61,060 representing his outstanding signing-on fee, six months weekly allowance, four months’ salary and recurrent expenditure from April to June, 2014 and also an amount of US$154,500.

The Petitioner, in a letter dated January 27, 2015, had also requested the GFA to evoke parts of Article 63 of the GFA Disciplinary Code to punish the Respondent refusal to obey the said Decision. Subsequently, on February 2, 2015, the General Secretary in response, wrote to the Respondent to pay the said amounts within fourteen (14) days failing which Berekum Chelsea FC shall be sanctioned under Article 63(1)(c) of the GFA Disciplinary Code.

In a reply letter dated February 15, 2015, the Respondent had expressed their surprised at the ultimatum letter and stated that the matter is before the Disciplinary Committee. The matter was therefore referred to this Committee for adjudication prompting the Committee to invite the parties to appear before it.

At the hearing, while the representative of the Petitioner, Desmond Asiedu stated that the Respondent did not file a Statement of Defence, the Respondent prompted the Committed it had long reached a settlement agreement with the Petitioner.

The Committee therefore requested the Petitioner to furnish the Committee with all the previous correspondence and agreements within a week to enable the Committee to deliver its decision.

It was in the process of writing the decision that the Committee received a letter from the Petitioner headed Withdrawal of Protest.

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