Did Martin Amidu Fight Alone?

martin_amiduThe  Attorney-General’s (A-G) De-partment has clarified that former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Martin Amidu, was not alone in the fight to retrieve the judgment debt paid to Waterville Holdings and businessman, Mr. Alfred Woyome.

A statement issued yesterday by the Department and signed by the Deputy Minister of Justice and Attorney-General, Dr. Dominic Ayine stated that “the Attorney-General’s office researched and supported the filing of processes leading to our identification with and support for Mr. Amidu.”

It also stated that their support can be verified from the Registrar of the Supreme Court. The statement noted that the A-G’s Department has “extended similar support to Mr. Amidu in his case against the Attorney-General, Isofotun SA and Anane Agyei Forson for which judgment would  be given on Friday, June 21.”

The Supreme Court, last week, ordered Waterville Holdings to return the 25 million Euros, judgment debt to the State, following a case filed in the court by Mr. Amidu.  But in a reposite, Mr. Amidu has dismissed the A-G’s claim, saying that  it (A-G) was the first defendant in the case and remained so till judgement.

“The office of the A-G would not be helping or supporting the plaintiff, if they admitted the plaintiff’s claim because they did not have a defence to this claim,” the former Attorney-General said in a statement released yesterday.

He said, “well why are we fighting over who takes credit for a judgement in vindication of the constitution?  The important thing is that judgement was given pursuant to an action by the plaintiff in the public interest.”

According to Mr Amidu, it was “the people of Ghana who are sovereign who have won.  I am not interested in any glories or who must take credit.  I claim nothing from the people of Ghana but to use the knowledge they gave me to serve them.”

He concluded, “I have purposely decided to stay out of the public eye, because I do not want the judgement won by the people of Ghana to be about me.”

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