DHL sets ambitious e-commerce business growth target

Customers of DHL sharing their experiences at a panel discussion during the even

Customers of DHL sharing their experiences at a panel discussion during the even

DHL Express Ghana says it is poised to grow its e-commerce business from the current five to more than fifteen per cent in the next five years, The Managing Director, Kader Coulibaly, has said.

The growth, he said, would help grow more local business enterprises to export their products abroad.

Mr Coulibaly who was speaking in Accra last Thursday at a seminar for DHL Express Ghana e- commerce customers said DHL was also working to reverse the growing trade imbalance between Ghana and her major trading partners by helping a lot of Ghanaian businesses to export their products.

Among other objectives, the workshop was to explain to the e- commerce customers of DHL  the various customs systems across the world to help them export their products and the benefits of e-commerce to their businesses.

The Managing Director of DHL Express Ghana explained that e- commerce “was a moving activity” and would remain a priority to the company.

Mr Coulibaly also   indicated that electronic commerce “is a promising and profitable activity for local Ghanaian entrepreneurs.”

“For us at DHL, we see electronic commerce not on the side of importing goods from the West to consume in Ghana, but we see it as a reverse to export Ghanaian goods and know-how outside Ghana. We at DHL think we can play a role to support this trend by reinforcing the knowledge and the capacity of the local exporters,” he said.

Currently, he said, the annual growth of the e-commerce of DHL Express Ghana was 300 per cent and constitute about five per cent of the business activities of the company in Ghana.

He said, there were a lot of quality local products such as artifacts, skin care products that could be exposed and exported to rake in more revenue for the country as cocoa, gold, oil and gas and timber were doing for the country.

Highlighting on the importance of e-commerce, Mr Coulibaly said it offered a great opportunity for Ghanaian businesses to sell their products abroad.

He said by uploading their products and services on the internet, Ghanaian business could secure buyers across the globe and DHL was ready to deliver their products to customers.

DHL, Mr Coulibaly operated in more than 220 countries across the world and could be a reliable partner for local businesses to deliver their products to their customers.

He entreated local businesses to choose DHL Express Ghana in shipping their products since the company had  better shipping tariffs and could be trusted with speed, reliance and security.

Mr Coulibaly said DHL was a global brand and businesses which associated their products with the company stood the chance to attract a lot of buyers abroad.

In a panel discussion,  DHL’s e-commerce business partners entreated the company to help them get more exposure by getting celebrities and important personalities to endorse their products.

They also said DHL should also help them to secure more markets and customers to boost their exports.

The participants further appealed to DHL educate the public against the negative perception that using the services of DHL was expensive.


They commended DHL for providing them opportunity to export their products, indicating that through their partnership with DHL, they have gotten more customers and their businesses were booming.

By Kingsley Asare

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