Detective fails to show up for case

Detective Corporal Robert Awuka, of the Accra Central Police Station, who arrested the two Nigerian fraudsters for allegedly swindling a German technical engineer, Ms. Waltraud Wiesent, of 248,000 Euros has failed to show up in court, the third time.

No reasons were assigned for his absence as the prosecutor, Chief Inspector Edward Afful, could not explain to the court why Cpl. Awuka did not turn up for the third time.

Cpl. Awuka arrested Mark Latif Adigun and Benjamin Oluwashola, in July 2013, for defrauding Ms. Wiesent by false pretences.

The investigator is alleged to have adopted the feet dragging attitude, after his request for 3,500 Euros from the complainant to conduct further investigations did not materialise.

At the last adjourned date, the presiding Circuit Court judge, stood down the case for five minutes but later adjourned it to May 27, when the investigator did not show up.

When Cpl. Awuka appeared to testify as the second prosecution witness for the first time last month, he gave a completely different account  to that of the prosecution.

Even though, the basis of the prosecution’s argument emanated from the charge sheet prepared by Awuka, he appeared to be an illusive witness.

In one instance, Awuka told the Circuit Court that Ms. Waltraud Wiesent, the complainant, came to Ghana just to have fun with Mark Latif Adigun, one of the accused, but the facts as presented were otherwise.

Awuka contradicted himself throughout his testimony, provoking the prosecutor, Chief Inspector Afful.

Awuka is said to have demanded 3,500 euros from the complainant to enable him to conduct further investigations, with the explanation that the Police Service  was poorly resourced.

During his first appearance, Cpl. Awuka, told the court that their investigations revealed that the accused was made to transfer the money through Guarantee Trust Bank Limited and Ecobank, on account numbers 202110823430 and 0011034438080003.

The Ecobank account, in the name Universal Perfect Woods received 150,000 euros between October 17, 2011 and February 2, 2012, while the Guarantee Trust Bank with the name Patrick Aboagye received 28,500 totalling 183,500 euros, excluding cash and other transfers through Western Union Money transfers.

These, he said, were revealed to the investigative team by the Financial Intelligence Centre, Bank of Ghana.

Mark Latif Adigun and Benjamin Oluwashola, are said to have defrauded Ms. Wiesent under the pretext of providing her two boxes of gold, although she had not expressed interest in any such transaction.

Mark Latif introduced himself to the complainant as Chris Walters of Nottingham, UK who does his business in Ghana.

He told the Ms. Wiesent that he had won a contract with the government of Ghana to supply auto parts and needed financial assistance to execute the contract.

He invited her to Ghana on three occasions to verify his business, but she later discovered that the whole deal was a sham and prompted the police to arrest the accused.

By Malik Sullemana    

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