Destructive criticism, mudslinging threat to democracy–NPP

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has called for an end to destructive criticism and mudslinging between it and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), towards accelerated development of the country.

“It is extremely important a healthy relationship is maintained between the two of us for the welfare of the country,” suggested the NPP.

Nana Obiri Boahen, Deputy General Secretary of the NPP, who was delivering the NPP’s solidarity message to the NDC during its National Delegates’ Congress, bemoaned the increasing acrimony and character assassination between the two parties.

“It gives us a cause for concern as it runs down the otherwise enviable reputation the nation has kept for herself as beacon of hope, bastion of democracy on the continent of Africa and beyond, we cannot continue down this road and scare the citizenry away from the opportunity to serve our country in dignity.

“As politicians we have a duty to lead by example by upholding and respecting the values and virtues of our society and tolerance, decency and discipline must guide the way we interact with each other.

“As leaders we have to blaze the path worth emulating by celebrating our diversity, restoring hope, demonstrating high sense of maturity in order to restore confidence in the citizenry and among politicians,” Nana Boahen stressed.


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