Desist from social media hype – Cabum advises artistes

Promising Ghanaian rapper, Cabum has advised musicians to desist from trending on bad reportage, noting this was likely to affect their future career.

“The bad content you term as ‘social media hype’ could go a long way to amend your success stories”, he stated in an exclusive interview with Times Weekend (TW) in Accra Friday.

He asserted that negative news about artistes only trend for a limited period and therefore urged them to brand themselves in a manner that could make their image stand the test of time.

He underscored the need for the media to use their outlets to write positive news about artistes, stressing that “most times when artistes do something good the media fail to talk about it but channel their mediums to sell bad stories to the people.”

Cabum who has signed onto Seven Dot record label, called on industry players and stakeholders to join hands to help the nation’s artistes excel.

He is known for his hit tracks like “Ye na wale” and “Zakari,” the track featured A-list artistes, Stonebwoy and Sarkodie.

The song which was a masterpiece, later sparked lots of controversies among people with some saying the track denigrated women of particular tribe.

Upon all the mixed feeling ‘Zakari’ was greeted with, its sweetness and jovial lyrical rhythm made it enjoy massive airplay on television and radio.

Cabum, known in private life as Frank Kwame Gyasi-Frimpong released “Berma biaa pe mmaa” to wit “Every man loves women” to talk about the casanova side of men.

The son of the late legendary highlife singer from Kumasi Alhaji Kwame Frimpong who sang “Kyenkyen Bi Adi M’awu,” TW had an encounter with him to delve into his music.


TW: How did you get your stage name?

Cabum: I got the name from a cartoon. Anytime there is an explosion it sounds “CABUM,” so the name literally means explosion.

TW: Amazing! How is the industry treating you?

Cabum: Not bad, I cannot complain. We are doing our best to excel in it.

TW: Do you have problem with women from particular tribes?

Cabum: I love women irrespective of the tribe. One thing people fail to know is that music communicates with metaphors, similes and euphemisms. It is not all the time that music has to be serious, sometimes it should be jovial to crack jaws and that was what Zakari carried. No hatred, it is all about love, you see “Koobi” smells but it tastes good, I personally love “koobi” so if I say Ga woman smells like Koobi it does not mean the other way round.

TW: Wow! Married?

Cabum: Not yet!

TW: And you are telling us to marry?

Cabum: Yeah because “me re ye awale ntsi mo nso nye na mo wale”.

TW: Interesting! So what is “Ye na wale” track about?

Cabum: The track just inspires both sexes to marry as time would blow their shining splendor away. We are told to make hay while the sun shines and that is what I am advising our youth on.

TW: How do you see our industry?

Cabum: The industry is growing, expanding and getting better with the likes of Stonebwoy, Sarkodie and the rest just that artistes have to brand themselves right.

TW: How do you get inspiration to write your music?

Cabum: I get inspiration from issues around me, thus the environment influences my rap nature.

TW: We are getting to the yuletide season what should fans expect?

Cabum: Fans should expect my other side. Actually I was planning to release an album this Christmas but per management decision we will release the album next year, so this album is a New Year gift to serve them.

TW: What is the title of the album and how many tracks do you have on it?

Cabum: The title is “Other side” and it has eight massive tracks.

TW: Does the album envelope all the genres?

Cabum: It is a surprise so everyone should find my other side…hahahaha….

TW: How do you want people to see your brand?

Cabum: People always take my music as hilarious but I would like people to attach seriousness to what I do because I have tracks with serious lyrical content. They should not always dwell on the funny ones and start seeing me as a serious artiste.

 TW: Final words to fans…            

Cabum: They should keep supporting the brand and watch out for the other side.

TW: Nice having you on today’s TW edition!

Cabum: The pleasure is all mine.


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