‘Deputy Ministerial Position Unnecessary’

Some Political scientists are asking President Mahama to consider scrapping the deputy ministerial portfolio to reduce public spending.

President Mahama as part of efforts to reduce government spending announced a 10 per cent pay cut in salaries of government officials.

This step although commended by civil society does not seem to be enough a step taken to solve the situation according to political science lecturer, Aminu Dramani.

“What is so special about their roles? A lot can be done in the ministries without them so we don’t necessarily need them around.”

Mr. Dramani is of the view that if there will be a general consensus across all political divide to scrap the deputy ministerial portfolios, the nation will benefit greatly.

The Institute of Economic Affairs Dr. Ransford Gyampoh has also made similar suggestions. Dr. Gyampo who is also a lecturer at the University of Ghana called for the strengthening of the Civil Service, particularly chief directors in the various ministries.

These according to him are the workforce that actually runs the ministries on a day to day basis.

Mr. Gyampoh pointed out that the work of ministers and chief directors is clearly spelt out, but that of the deputy is vague, and therefore there was no pressing need for them. Source: ghanaweb

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