Dentist warns:Beware of mouthwash products

Mr Alex Segbefia,Health Minister

Mr Alex Segbefia,Health Minister

Dr. Abena Konduah, a dentist, has warned Ghanaians against the excessive use of mouthwash products, saying they have detrimental effects.

According to her, many people used mouthwash products without prescription by health practitioners, adding that it could lead to weakening of teeth and gum bleeding due to the chemical content of the product.

Dr. Konduah raised these concerns in an interview with The Ghanaian Times on Tuesday, in Accra.

The use of mouthwash in regular oral hygiene and the management of oral conditions, she revealed, had become popular among Ghanaians and, therefore, the need to educate and create awareness among the populace.

She noted that the products were mostly used by young adults, but adults of all ages could benefit from them when they are rightly selected and correctly used.

The child care expert bemoaned the situation where users patronise any product they see on the market, adding that it was a bad practice.

“I don’t know why some Ghanaians would jump into any new product they see on the market without investigations”, she said.

Dr. Konduah urged the public to consult medical practitioners and specialists in some of these areas, saying, it would help prevent some health conditions associated with wrong usage of medical products.

According to her, mouthwash products could be classified into three main types- antiseptic, plaque-inhibiting, and preventive.

These types of products she indicated, performed different functions hence their wrong usage could be harmful to any user’s health.

The range of mouthwash, she said could be bewildering to new users, hence the need to know the content of these products before their usage.

“Having knowledge about the composition of these mouthwash products is very important to the user because one could ascertain which one suits them before usage”, she said.

Dr. Konduah revealed that whatever the primary purpose and added benefits of mouthwash, it was no substitute for oral hygiene measures.

She therefore encouraged Ghanaians to continue with the use of toothbrush and fluoride-containing toothpaste based on the twice-daily practice.

“I urge Ghanaians to maintain the tradition of using toothbrushes twice daily to keep their oral health at the standard level”, she said.


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