Delle not interested in CPP presidential slot


Prof Edmund Delle

Prof Edmund Delle

The National Chairman and leader of the Convention People’s Party, (CPP), Professor Edmund Delle, has no intentions to contest for the presidency in the 2020 general elections.

His aide, Selasi Koffi Ackon has confirmed.

Some publications had indicated that Prof. Delle had plans to run for presidency on the ticket of the CPP.


But in an interview, the personal assistant to the CPP National Chairman, Mr Ackon, indicated that the reportage was untrue.

“This is coming to us as a surprise, we do not have intention for that in the name of the Convention People’s Party, I do not know where this is coming from and who is saying this, I can say on authority that we have no intention yet.

“The office of Prof. Delle will make such a presidential intent known if any after a thorough brainstorming, as and when we have any intention, we will let our friends in the media know, it takes a lot of time, consultation to make such a decision and if Prof. Delle wants to take such a decision, it will not be a simple or easy one,” Mr Ackon stressed.

The CPP has struggled to remain a formidable party let alone win power after the demise of its founder and Ghana’s first President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah. –

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