Dec 17, referendum: PNC NEC rejects ‘NO’ campaign stance

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the People’s National Convention (PNC), has urged the citizenry to ignore an earlier statement by the party it has endorsed a ‘no’ campaign vote because it is not the position of the party.

“Bernard Mornah, the National Chairman of the PNC, declaration that the party will campaign for a ‘no’ vote on Tuesday December 17, 2019, referendum is not sanctioned by the party, the leader of the PNC has clarified.

“The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the People’s National Convention wishes to inform the public that it has not taken any stance on the impending referendum,” Dr Edward Mahama, the leader of the PNC said in a statement on Thursday.

Mr Mornah had stated that the PNC decided to back the no campaign and claimed introduction of partisan politics at the assembly and unit committee level would among others make the country’s democracy more expensive than it already is but Dr Mahama indicated that the position was personal and doesn’t represent the position of the party.

“The National Chairman of the party has no powers to singlehandedly decide for the party on such an issue, but NEC takes such conclusive decision. I admonish members of the party against prioritising interest over party which is bigger than any individual, the public is advised to ignore any position from any quarters other than NEC of party which is scheduled to meet soon and deal with the issue,” the statement noted.

Earlier on Thursday, Awudu Ishaq, the National Youth Organiser of the PNC, issued a statement to express his displeasure about ‘loud silence’ of the party on national issues including referendum.

He urged the Dr Mahama to rally the leadership of the party to discharge mandate and state its position on the upcoming referendum however, the leader of the party indirectly responded to his concern, hinting of a possible ‘yes’ vote.

“The PNC is focused on reorganising the party from the grassroots level to national and will not wish to jeopardise any opportunity that has potency to revamp party at grassroots level where we have larger following,” Dr Mahama stressed.

The upcoming referendum seeks to amend Article 55 (3) and will need at least 40 per cent of the electorate voting in the referendum and 75 per cent must support amendment for it to pass into a Bill. -3news.com

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