It should be obvious by now that election flashpoints are a concern not only to government and the security agencies, but other institutions and the general public.

The fact that everyone is talking about it and calling attention to it makes it an important security concern.

The government through the Minister of the Interior, Mr Prosper Bani, pointed out earlier in the year that the security forces had identified flashpoints, and called on the security agencies to take a critical look at them.

The Ghana Police Service also revealed in August, that the 2016 National Elections and Security Task Force, has identified over 5,000 election flashpoints across the country.

And on Wednesday, the Electoral Commission (EC), also identified 81 out of the 275 constituencies as potentials flashpoints.

The identification of the flashpoints, and the fact that all stakeholders are making public statements about the situation, show the seriousness of what confronts the nation.

It is a fact that when elections are getting close, tension builds up among political parties, and that could trigger violence.

Besides, other factors such as communal conflicts could easily be ignited during the period because of political or ideological differences.

It is for these reasons that the Times supports the call by the EC to the security agencies, particularly the Police, to ensure adequate security before, during and after December 7 general election.

We have all heard about election related violence in many countries across Africa, where scores of people have died, others maimed while a greater number have fled their own countries in exile or for refuge

Some countries are still engaged in conflicts without any solution in sight.  Many lives have been ruined as a result, and worse still, countries have been destroyed.

All these have been done in the name of elections.  No one wishes to go through such an experience.

That is why we urge the security agencies, political parties and their leaders, supporters as well as community leaders to support the security agencies to identify and stop any disturbances in any locality in the country.

This is the only country we have and cannot afford to have it descend into chaos and confusion as a result of elections.

We completely support the admonition by the EC to the political party leaders to rein in their supporters who are likely to cause trouble, to ensure a peaceful and free and fair general elections on December 7.

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