THE invasion of school dormitories by bedbugs across the country is becoming a serious matter.

As reported on the front page of the Ghanaian Times on Monday, the bugs have invaded the Ho Mawuli Senior High School, forcing students to abandon their dormitories to sleep in the dining hall and classroom.

The situation is so dire that the school’s Senior Prefect, Master Albert Success Awuah, chose an occasion where dignitaries including public officials were gathered, to inform the whole world about their predicament.

He told the gathering at the 66th Honours Day celebration last Saturday that the bugs, which are multiplying rapidly, can now be found in some of the classrooms and also in their books.

“At night the students’ fear and anxieties for the blood sucking insects rise,” he said.

The Senior Prefect attributed the invasion partly to overcrowding and the lackadaisical manner in addressing the nightmare situation, and said that was affecting learning in the school.

The once highly rated school, according to Master Awuah, urgently needs support to address the bug menace and the congestion in the school.

This is not the first time bedbugs have invaded a school in the country.

Since the beginning of the year, about five senior high schools in the Western Region and two in the Central Region, were reported to have been invaded by bedbugs.

Though the situation in those schools appear to have been brought under control, the appearance of the bugs at Mawuli School, shows that the situation is widespread and needs serious attention.

Apart from its nuisance and health implications, the bugs are depriving the students of sleeping in comfort and learning.

Health experts have pointed out that the menace poses a health threat to the students and recommend that it is dealt with decisively.

The Times is worried that the bedbug menace continues to spread in the country despite the Ghana Education Service’s (GES) efforts in fumigating the affected schools.

Without doubt, the efforts are not yielding the desired results and therefore, other methods must be adopted to contain and halt the spread of the bugs.

Furthermore, many of the overcrowded senior high schools should as a matter of urgency be decongested by providing temporary sleeping places until facilities in those schools are expanded.

We also suggest that the menace be treated as a national security issue and resources marshaled so that all senior high schools would be fumigated to rid them of the bugs.

This is one of the ways that the situation can be brought under control and to provide a conducive environment for the students to learn.


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