Deal with activities of vigilante groups- Rawlings

Former President Rawlings

Former President Rawlings

FORMER President, Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings has warned that the unmitigated activities of political vigilante groups, is leading the country into chaos.

“Reckless vigilantism protected by political authority is one sure way of giving birth to the breakdown of law and order in society,” he added.

The former president was speaking at a durbar to mark the 36th anniversary of the 31st December Revolution at the Captain Nfojoh Park in Ho on Sunday.

The event, which was preceded by a route match on the streets of Ho by some supporters of the NDC, was under the theme: ‘Uniting around the principles of probity, accountability and social justice’.

Flt Lt Rawlings recalled the antecedents of the June 4 and 31st December revolutions and said that “we need a new revolution which does not allow money politics and ill-gotten wealth to determine the choice of Ghanaians”.

He entreated the citizenry to reflect on their individual lives, think back and renew their sense of nationalism to uphold the truth at all times.

“Those who have brought back kalabule must go back to history and stop betraying the lives of those who laid down their lives for the values of June 4 and 31st December,” he cautioned.

Flt. Lt. Rawlings paid glowing tribute to the chiefs and queens for their noble roles in national affairs, saying although the constitution prohibited them from partisan politics, the country always required their words of wisdom to move forward.

Earlier, former President John Dramani Mahama said that it was the principles of the June 4 and 31st revolution which gave birth to the NDC.

For that matter, he said that the NDC would always fight the hypocrisy of the civil society which had caused tragedy to the country’s democracy over the years.

When it got the lighting of the perpetual flame, Flt Lt Rawlings passed on the role to Mama Amenuxe III, Queen of Mafi-Zorkpo.





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