Curbing Suicide

In recent times, a number of stories about deaths emanating from suicide have emerged in various parts of the country, sending shivers down the spine of many people.

Some of these suicide acts took place on our university campuses while others occurred at homes and in surrounding bushes.

Not long ago, for example, a 30-year old driver at Half Assini in the Western Region was reported to have allegedly committed suicide. These unpleasant and disturbing developments show that many people in society are undergoing stress that they find unbearable in life.

Even though successful and unsuccessful attempts at suicide are not new in the country, the rapid rate at which they occur, one after the other is very disturbing for which reason, as a nation, we will have to think through the problem and resolve it.

It is becoming increasingly clear that such suicide acts keep occurring because of frustrations that confront some of the victims. Many of them, it can be deduced, find themselves in situations of helplessness and hopelessness such that they find suicide as the only available option or solution to their problem.

We are of the view that as much as possible, people must be encouraged to pour out the secrets of the problems that they face, whether they find themselves at home, work place, church, mosques, playgrounds etc.

It is equally important to encourage people to know that the world is not perfect so one is always bound to face one problem or the other.

Many a time, certain things relating to the behaviour of individuals are taken for granted. For example, a person with a big nose or big head may be teased by his friends each time they see him or her, forgetting that such actions or teasing cannot be borne by certain people. In other words, it is not everyone who can bear any form of teasing on any part of the body.

While some people will be able to bear any form of teasing, others may not be able to do so at all. This means that we need to encourage each and every one of us to accept his or her situation without recourse to any attempts at suicide.

Counselling centres must be established in various parts of the country, including churches, mosques, schools, work places and all other places that come in contact with people.

Organisations must encourage their members of staff to share problems with their senior managers. Such managers need to be given special orientation on early signs or signals of frustration or seeming worrying situations of helplessness on the part of members of staff.

While it is necessary to be firm on all subordinates, there is the need to be kind to one another and be prepared to share ideas of encouragement that will put smiles on the faces of people.

It would be extremely difficult to completely eliminate suicide attempts from society but if we all learn to share in each other’s problem, it will help to bring the situation under control.

We therefore encourage everyone to strive to become each other’s keeper irrespective of wherever we find ourselves while at the same time professional and well trained counsellors are utilised in the various segments of society.

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