‘Cultivate habit of saving’

•  Mr.  Odonkor

• Mr. Odonkor

The Chief Executive of Capital Bank, Reverend Fitzgerald Odonkor has encouraged Ghanaians to develop the habit of saving towards what he term as “the journey of financial liberation”.

He said savings made today would go a long way in supporting individuals and families in future.

Reverend Odonkor was speaking in Accra on Tuesday at the launch of the V-man Voucher aimed at inculcating the culture of savings among Ghanaians.

The new product he said would also expose customers to the “unique bouquet of financial solutions” to achieve their goals.

“For the first time probably in the history of banking in Ghana, we are giving customers money vouchers to be used to open accounts,” he said.

The V-man vouchers would have varying monetary values and the voucher received would be used to open a bank account after which the recipients only have to make minimum deposits equivalent to the value of the voucher for a period of at least four months to redeem the voucher, he explained.

Reverend Odonkor said the bank was focused on being a stronger player in the retailing banking sector adding “we are currently deploying technology to deepen the frontiers of branch-less banking and also offer end-to-end banking solutions”.

The Head of Retail Banking, Eunice Brocke, said over the next 30 days “we are providing opportunity for many people to open accounts and to build up cash reserves for their future needs while getting free money”.

“Reports indicate that 70 per cent of Ghanaians remain unbanked but we have always believed in leading the drive towards financial inclusion across the strata of society through various initiatives,” she added.

By Salifu Abdul-Rahaman

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