Cuban trained graduates celebrate 63rd anniversary of attack on Moncada Garrison

Esbecan members.The Cuban Trained Ghanaian Graduates Association (ESBECAN) has celebrated the 63rd anniversary of the attack on Moncada Garrison, a political action which took place in Cuba.

The event, which took place in Accra, on Tuesday, was held to commemorate the importance of the revolution, which according to them has brought a lot of benefits to many countries, especially the African continent.

It brought together Diplomats, some Cuban representatives, health professionals, past students of the Cuban Scholarship Programme and association members.

In his speech, the president of ESBECAN, Mr. Kofi Asafo Agyei, stressed the need to celebrate such a day because it paved way for the political struggle against dictatorship.

He indicated that Cuba has supported Ghana in the areas of education and health by providing scholarships and health training initiatives, adding that it had contributed to the development of the country.

“As part of Cuba’s foreign and educational policies, The Cuban Revolutionary Government extended a friendly hand to the world of which I am a benefit” he stressed.

Mr. Agyei therefore called on Ghanaians to provide the necessary support to the Cuban community in the country, saying, “It is an appreciation to the efforts of the sister nation”.

He said that would promote a good relationship between the two countries which could lead to more development in other areas of the economy, especially, when it came to human capacity building programme.

Some of the beneficiaries of the Cuban Scholarship Programme expressed appreciation to the Cuban Government for their support, adding that, they have become bread winners of their families.

By Luther King Owusu-Amoah

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