Crystal Capital & Investments introduces two Mutual Funds

Mr Ofori

Mr Ofori

Crystal Capital and Investments Limited (CCI) has introduced two new mutual funds to offer Ghanaians more investment opportunities to earn higher returns.

The Funds, Crystal Entrepreneur Fund (EFund) and Crystal Wealth Fund (W-Fund) will be launched at an Initial Public Offering (IPO) next week Tuesday.

A statement issued by the company in Accra yesterday quoted to the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) of Crystal Capital, Mr. Martin Ofori as saying that “the EFund and the Wealth Fund have been designed to serve a current need in the market for innovative and flexible investment products that would give every Ghanaian real value.”

He said with markets in a near state of tumult and the fear that volatility might destroy returns in many parts of the market, running one Fund with a mandate to find value in one particular market or sliver of a market was not strategic.

“We have the dexterity to diversify investment funds to deliver optimum yield. At CCI, we identify value or the potential for value where others do not. We do not merely sell products and financial services – we form the right partnership with each and every client. This is important to us to create value for our clients through ingenious value-add services like complimentary advisory sessions for asset owners and users,” he said.

Mr. John Arkorful, Executive Director of Finance at Crystal Capital stated that, “This is a good time to invest in collective investment products like the Crystal E-Fund and the Wealth Fund. They are low risk but provide higher returns. The returns on the investment are also tax exempt, which is an added advantage for investors,” he said.

The statement said the EFund had been primarily designed for entrepreneurs, young people with entrepreneurial ambitions, as well as organisations that support entrepreneurial initiatives.

“The Fund protects the capital of investors by investing in a balanced portfolio that provides very good yield. Through the EFund, Crystal Capital hopes to help entrepreneurs to achieve their business dreams without the need for loans and also quicker than they would with just savings,” the statement said.

The Wealth Fund it said was designed for individuals and corporations who would like to make regular income on their investments at rates of return higher than those of savings.

The Wealth Fund provides security and opportunities to create wealth at one’s own pace. It is ideal for investors looking to invest towards particular short to medium term goals or looking for regular income.

According to the statement both the EFund and Wealth Fund are low-risk and have low start-up cost.

“For instance, Investors only need a minimum of GH¢100 to invest in the EFund during the IPO and can invest with as little incremental amount as GH¢20 afterwards. Similarly, a minimum of GH¢200 is required to start invest with the Wealth Fund at the I.P.O stage and GH¢50 is required afterwards,” the statement said.

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