CRI to name new potato variety after Kofi Annan

Late Kofi Annan

Late Kofi Annan

Crop Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR-CRI), is to name one of its new non-sweet potato varieties after the late Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations.

The move, according to the lead researcher of the 10 new potato varieties in CSIR-CRI, Dr. Ernest Baafi, was in honour of his immense contribution in the promotion of the utilisation of the crop.

According to the researcher, not only did the late Annan promote the consumption of sweet potatoes, he was also the Executive Chairman of Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa, an organisation which partnered CSIR-CRI to research into the new varieties.

Disclosing this to newsmen at the presentation of the new varieties before a varietal release committee at Fumesua, Dr. Baafi explained that the late UN Secretary General would be among the few people proposed by the research team to be named after some of the new potato varieties, for the contributions to the promotion of the crop.

He disclosed that, the varieties which were yet to be named were the orange flesh and non-orange flesh potatoes.

Dr. Baafi explained that, the water content in the new orange-flesh varieties was low just like yam, cocoyam and cassava and the non-orange flesh varieties have low sugar content which was good for the consumption by users with low interest in sugar.

The Director of CSIR-CRI, Dr. Stella Ama Ennin, said the release of the new non-sweet potatoes was intended to expand the utilisation of the crop and expected to meet the diverse consumer taste.

Dr. Ennin explained that, the non-sweet potato could be used to prepare local dishes like fufu and Ampesi and others, apart from its usual use, for snacks.

She indicated that, the new potato varieties were very rich in Vitamin A and a good source of the food nutrient in solving Vitamin A deficiencies and malnutrition users among children and pregnant women particularly.

According to Dr. Ennin, potato was the earliest maturing crop of all the root and tuber crops and   had the potential of providing food security through its frequent yielding within a year.


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