Create structure to revive passion for football – Grusah tells Normalisation C’ttee



Alhaji Abdul Karim Gruzah, owner and bankroller of King Faisal Football Club, has urged the newly formed Normalisation Committee, to put in place a new FA structure that will reignite the passion of football in the country.

His comment follows Thursday’s announcement by the joint delegation of FIFA/CAF of an initial four-member Normalisation Committee tasked to steer the affairs of Ghana football, till March 31, 2019.

Gruzah called on the Dr Kofi Amoah-led committee to think of Ghana first in their deliberations and take decisions that will revive the passion of football fans in the country.

“This Normalisation Committee has been tasked to reform Ghana football and I would entreat them to think of Ghana first, devoid of any personal interest. I pray they do a good job for Ghana. I would put them on the right track when they go wrong,” Grusah told GNA Sports.

Gruzah, who is aspiring to lead Ghana football in the near future, also pledged his unflinching support for the committee.

“The four-member committee might not have made any massive contribution to Ghana football over the past years, but they are great individual personalities and I will support them with my ideas,” Gruzah said.

On the possibility of adding more members to the Committee, he urged the FIFA/CAF team to consider football administrators with the development of the game on their minds.

He said the current membership is not well known and advised that some of the hard working and popular faces be considered.

“I suggest there should be an inclusion of more football people on the Normalisation Committee. I was surprised, there were no club chairmen, because we are the ones who invest in the game and our contributions would prove very crucial”.

He said the expulsion of former GFA chairman Alhaji M.N.D Jawula from the Committee, was an unfortunate development.

“I’m still at a loss as to why Jawula was excluded from the final list considering his vast experience in football circles, but I expect someone like Jones Abu Alhassan and other experienced administrators to get on the committee in the near future.

The four-member committee includes Dr Kofi Amoah (Chairman), Madam Naa Odofoley Nortey (Vice Chairman), Mr Dua Adonteng and Madam Lucy Quist.


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