CPP National Chairman commends police

The Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP), has commended Mr. John Kudalor, the Inspector-General of Police and the police administration for initiating proactive policing mechanisms to reduce incidents of electoral violence.

“The police administration’s proactive move to provide personal security for presidential nominees, their running mates, its engagement at the highest level with political party executives, and setting-up of the Elections Security Taskforce needs support from democratic institutions,” Professor Edmund Nminyem Delle, the CPP Chairman, stated in an interview in Accra yesterday.

“Judging from electoral underpinnings and postures of scores of political elements, Elections 2016 offers the ground for volatile electoral combat, therefore, all peaceful democratic forces must work together to ensure that Ghana survives the turmoil.”

Prof. Delle who is also the leader of the CPP, said Mr. Kudalor and the police administration should be supported in their effort to disband all political party vigilantes.

He said it was an affront to Ghana’s 1992 Constitution for any group of people to raise an army; “political combative groups should put down their arms and work under the national security agencies to ensure peaceful political environment”.

He urged Mr. Kudalor and the Ghana Police Service to continue to be steadfast in instilling discipline, respect for law and order to protect lives and property.

“The police officer has a constitutional mandate to enforce law and order irrespective of the person’s political persuasion or status in society,” Prof Delle said.

The CPP Chairman also called on all political parties who had set up armed groups to immediately take up the initiative to disarm them.


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