Court proceedings on Police recruitment scam:Lawyer threatens to spill the beans, if…

Alifa AdamsVictor Kojojah Adawudu, lawyer for one of the accused in the police recruitment scam has warned that he will spill the beans if the police do not refrain from discussing the merit of the case in the public.

“My Lord, I might be tempted to go into the gutter, if senior police officers who should know better, continue to prejudge the case in the court of public opinion, my Lord, the prosecution should know that a win-win situation in a court of public opinion is not the same in a court of competent jurisdiction, therefore, I humbly pray the court to coerce the police to exercise utmost caution in their public utterances,” Mr. Adawudu pleaded.

Mr. Adawudu who could not hide his anger but complained vehemently to the court on the ongoing media debate since the arrest of the accused, said the police must act professionally.

He told the packed Circuit Court, presided over by Mr. Aboagye Tandoh yesterday, when all the seven accused, including the two, arrested last week, appeared before the court.

With this admonition, it is not clear whether Mr. Adawudu has names of some officials yet to be mentioned in the case.

Deputy Superintendent DSP) Idun Dery, who could not respond swiftly, blamed the media for the ongoing public sentiments and comments on the case.

He alleged that most of the publications on the scam, were based on speculations and not from credible sources.

DSP Dery said the police had formed a committee to investigate the matter and, therefore, investigators should report the concerns to the committee.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tandoh urged for caution of both the prosecution and counsel for the accused.

On the allegation that the media engaged in speculations, Mr. Tandoh said the comment by DSP Dery was not justifiable, because the media were not in court to defend themselves.

“What is wrong is ‘wrong’ and even if you are forced, you don’t jump into the gutter,” Mr. Tandoh cautioned Mr. Adawudu.

So far, the police have arrested seven people alleged to have played various roles in the enlistment fiasco.

They are Ayisha Boku Asuma, Joshua Palma, Ariel Lamptey Awuni Salinko, Aniah Razak, Joseph Awuni and Alifa Adams.

They are facing charges of conspiracy to commit crime, to wit defrauding by false pretences and forgery of documents.

They have all pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The case was adjourned to April 13.

By Malik Sullemana       

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