Court Advises Aggudey’s Legal Team To Cross-Check Documents

court_emblemAn Accra District Court on Saturday advised the legal team for George Aggudey, the Chief Executive Officer of Gocrest Security Company to cross-check documents it intends to use in disputing their indebtedness in the ongoing suit between them (the company) and the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) before tendering them in the court.

The advice was given by the presiding Judge, Mr. Aboagye Tandoh, after the lead counsel for Aggudey, Mr. Kwamena Baiden had failed to lead evidence and subsequently tendered in evidence a document that contained some data on the SSNIT contributions of Gocrest workers.

Mr. Baiden’s failure to tender in evidence the document was as a result of an objection raised by the lead counsel for SSNIT, Mr. Emmanuel Baddoo that the document, purported to be the monthly SSNIT contributions, could not be original since it did not have the stamp of the Trust.

Mr. Aggudey has been sued by SSNIT for non-payment of his workers SSNIT contributions totalling GH¢2,635,161.90 but he has pleaded not guilty to the offence. It all started, when Mr. Baiden, who, for the fourth time, is leading evidence-in-chief in the case, tendered a letter dated February 2013, that Mr. Aggudey wrote to SSNIT requesting for full information on the list of monthly contributions of his workers for the year.

Speaking from the witness box, Mr. Aggudey told the court that he did not receive an exact response to his letter until later when SSNIT provided him a document that contained a payment advice on his workers contributions for the period in question.

When Mr. Baiden asked whether the payment-advice document could be the response to the letter, Mr. Baddoo quickly interjected and stated that it was misleading for lead counsel of Aggudey to make that assertion as the document itself did not state so.

The judge then intervened and upon series of questioning ascertained that the payment advice could not be the response.

That compelled Mr. Baiden to withdraw the claim and proceeded to the document that contained some of the monthly contributions of the workers of Gocrest but one was also objected, as it did not have the stamp of the Trust. The lead counsel for SSNIT contended that, as practice by the institution, all documents in relation to SSNIT contributions were stamped before given to the respective persons responsible and therefore the one purported to be coming from SSNIT could not be accepted as it did not have the stamp of the Trust.

The judge then advised the legal team of Aggudey to cross-check their documents before leading evidence on them. He adjourned sitting to Saturday, July 20. - Charles Amankwa

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