Court adjourns C248,557 fraud case to April 1

The 248.557.91 Euro fraud case involving two Nigerians and a German has been adjourned to April 1, 2015.

Cross-examination of the complainant, Ms. Waltraud Wiesent, by the accused’s lawyers also ended yesterday.

The witness stood her grounds that the accused swindled her to transfer the amount under the pretext of repaying it later.

Mark Latif Adigun and Benjamin Taefick Oluwashola, currently on bail, have pleaded not guilty to defrauding by false pretences.

Adigun, the first accused, introduced himself to Ms. Wiesent, through internet conversation in 2011 as Chris Walters of Nottingham, United Kingdom, and doing business in Ghana.

Adigun, conspired with others to swindle the victim by parading as a businessman who had won a US$ 2.5 million contract with the Government of Ghana to supply auto car parts to some regions in Ghana.

They are alleged to have invited her to Ghana during which she gave them some Euros and US Dollars.

Ms. Wiesent told the court that she sent Adigun 15,500 euros while in Germany and subsequently took a loan from her bank and transferred same to the accused.

All these transfers were done based on the assurances that she would have her money back as promised by the accused.

In the course of their conversations, the accused claimed to have gold bars which could be given to the complainant, although she had not expressed interest in the deal.


During cross-examination, Ms. Wiesent denied the assertion by the accused’s lawyers that she sent the accused to court out of anger and bitterness of a purported love relationship that went sour.

She said though she had had conversations with Adigun on a social network platform, there was no agreement between them to get married.

She insisted the accused defrauded her and all she wanted from them was her money.

By Malik Sullemana   

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