COTVET To Hold 2nd Skills & Technology Fair

COTVETThe Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) has announced plans to holds its second Skills and Technology Fair with the aim of promoting skills development in the country.

The fair is slated for September 30 to October 1, 2014 at the Accra International Conference Centre, and is expected to attract the participation of small, medium and large scale businesses, research institutions, science and technology institutions, development partners and the media.

Among other objectives, the Fair would exhibit outcomes of its Skill Development Fund (SDF) funded projects and share information about progress being made in finding innovative solutions to skills and technology related challenges of industry. It will also provide insights on funding opportunities available for skills and innovative technology development in Ghana.

According to the COTVET Secretariat, the fair is part of strategies to share the outcomes of Ghana Skills and Technology Development Project (GSTDP) support to the private and public sectors of Ghana, and further promote dialogue between research and technology developers and industry.

The government received financial support of up to USD 70 million from the World Bank towards the implementation of the Ghana Skills and Technology Development Project (GSTDP), managed by the Project Support Unit of the COTVET.

A key component of GSTDP is the Skills Development Fund (SDF), which is also supported with a 10 Million grant facility from DANIDA. SDF is a competitive and challenge fund aimed at addressing the skills and technology needs of business enterprises operating in both the formal and the informal sectors of the economy of Ghana.

The Fund has since 2012 approved over US$ 39 Million to Trade Associations, Small, Medium and Large scale businesses to upgrade the skills of their employees and access technology from Science, Technology & Research Institutions both in Ghana and abroad. Part of the grants has also gone to support Training Institutions to develop demand-driven innovative training content required by industry for enhanced productivity and competitiveness.

Another grant making component of the GSTDP is the support to Science and Technology Institutions which is being implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology Innovation (MESTI) where about US$ 2.5 Million has been approved to support five key Science and Technology Institutions (STIs) to develop and operationalise Technology Transfer and Marketing Centers to provide technology solutions to businesses and institutions in the private and public sectors.


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