Corporate executives to be trained on smartphone security

Dr. Seth Adjei BaahAccra will next month host the first corporate executives’ smartphone security workshop, aimed at boosting executives’ private and business information security.

The workshop, scheduled for February 19, is dubbed: “Smartphone security workshop for corporate executives.”

It is being held in the light of recent reports that fraudsters, business competitors and corporate insiders are targeting the confidential business information of executives through their smartphones.

The Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and cyber security firm e-Crime Bureau, conductors of the programme said it would involve boards of directors, chief executive officers, managing directors and heads of departments from both the public and private sector.

In particular, The workshop will educate corporate executives against various security threats used by criminals to steal private information on the smartphones of corporate executives.

The training will, therefore, cover data leakages, surveillance, spyware and device tracking, malware attacks, corporate insider attacks, smartphone phishing attacks and smartphone disposal.

It will also provide participants with cyber security software to protect private information on their smartphones.

The workshop will use hands-on demonstration with various smartphone devices to introduce corporate executives to potential internal and external threats and best practices to protect private information.

Announcing the programme in Accra, Albert Antwi-Boasiako, the principal consultant of e-Crime Bureau said that smartphones have become important business assets for corporate executives in view of the information stored on them for corporate and personal uses.

“The training therefore presents a platform for business executives to safeguard themselves against various threats as criminals continue to upgrade their techniques,” he said.

Mrs. Grace Akosua Dzeble, the Executive Secretary of the Accra Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said their partnership with e-Crime Bureau was very timely and “is a step in the right direction”.

“Corporate Ghana needs innovative programmes such as this to stay ahead of criminals as they concentrate on developing their respective organisations,” she said.

e-Crime Bureau is the first cyber security and digital forensics firm in West Africa and offers services such as digital forensics, information security services, counterfeit document detection, etc. —GNA


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