Controversy over Korle Wulome position deepens

Nii Adu Aryeetey (right), the Dzaasetse, introducing Numo Ayitey Korbla III (middle) as the in-coming Korle -We Wulomo.

Nii Adu Aryeetey (right), the Dzaasetse, introducing Numo Ayitey Korbla III (middle) as the in-coming Korle -We Wulomo.

The controversy over the office of Korle Wulomo, the royal priesthood of Korle -We, seems to be deepening with the purported nomination of a new Korle Wulomo, Numo Ayitey Kobla III, on Tuesday, at Korle- We in the Ga Mashie enclave.

The estranged Korle Wulomo, Numo Okai I, has been battling the Korle –We Dzaase over a destoolment charge, leading to many scuffles these past few weeks, creating tension in the area.

At the press conference in Accra, the Dzaasetse of Korle-We, Nii Adu Aryeetey, who also doubles as Head of the Korle –We family, made it clear that the family intended replacing Numo Okai for misconducting himself, which was an affront to the office of Wulomo.

Last week, Nii Aryeetey sent emissaries to the office of the Korle Wulomo to initiate the destoolment process, but the move was rebutted by Numo Okai’s faction, leading to destruction of property at the office.

The family members at the press conference on Tuesday, levelled charges of extortion and immoral behaviour to warrant the destoolment.

Nii Aryeetey, who claimed to have been instrumental in the installation of Numo Okai about 14 years ago, said the Wulomo had subsequently surrounded himself with people who ill –advised him to run his administration, contrary to what Wulomei were supposed to be doing as spiritual leaders for the Ga State.

Nii Aryeetey said the misconduct of the Wulomo, especially concerning Korle –We lands situated near the Korle Lagoon, left much to be desired, since that land formed a common heritage for the members of Korle –We family and its shrine.

He said the Wulomo had been cautioned on many occasions to desist from the act of collecting money personally from the tenants on the land, without the family’s involvement, “but he never listened to anybody”.

Nii Aryeetey said “from the look of things and the way the Wulomo was trying to usurp authority beyond him, it has become imperative for the family to replace him to safeguard its interest”.

He said “our action is not intended to beat the wardrum at Ga Mashie, but rather to rectify a wrong being inflicted on the family, which will have dire consequences in the future”.

Nii Aryeetey said with the nomination of the new Wulomo, all the traditional norms and practices would be evoked to ensure that the replacement took place without any rancour within the family or any fight outside its premises.

The Korle –We clan forms part of the seven principal priesthoods (Wulomo) in the Ga State and serves as spiritual guidance of the people of Ga Mashie.

The seven priesthoods in the Ga State (specifically Ga Mashie enclave) are Nai-We Wulomo (the principal), Sakumo-We Wulomo, Korle We Wulomo, Oku-We Wulomo, Dantu –We Wulomo, Klan –We Wulomo and Sogme-We Wulomo.

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