Contribute towards development of Africa — Prof Dzodzi Tsikata

Prof Dzodzi Tsikata

Prof Dzodzi Tsikata

Professor Dzodzi Tsikata, Head of the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, has bemoaned unfortunate incidents where African youth, in the search of hope, crossed dangerous barriers such as seas and deserts, to European continents.

“The time has come for Africans to realise there is hope right within the continent, and it is possible in every way to not only progress as an individual but also, contribute towards the improvement of the African continent,” she noted.

Prof. Tsikata was speaking at a press conference to launch the 60th anniversary of the First All-African Peoples’ Conference (AAPC), to mark a four-day commemorative event from December 5 to 8, 2018 in Accra.

It is collaboration between the Institute of African Studies of the University of Ghana, Ghana Trades Union Congress, Socialist Forum of Ghana and Lincoln University of the United States of America.

It will be on the theme, ‘Revisiting the 1958 All-African Peoples’ Conference-The Unfinished Business of Liberation and Transformation,’ to address issues such as Africa’s development deficits, its failed agrarian transitions, de-industrialisation and a third struggle for Africa’s resources.

Prof. Tsikata recalled holding of the first APPC, saw a number of African countries, feeling empowered enough to attain their independence from foreign rule.

She said the coming event, was expected to have a positive impact on the continent’s fortunes, with respect to current challenges most Africans countries face.

Professor Akilagpa Sawyer, chairman of the event, and also a former Secretary General of the Association of African Universities, noted that the event amongst other purposes, sought to raise awareness in the youth on the need to have faith in themselves as Africans, be conscious it is possible for them to steer the continent’s destiny in a path of success.

“It is also expected to generate ideas towards empowerment of Africans, with overall aim of creating stronger sense of purpose and unity amongst people of the continent, the first All-African Peoples’ Conference, which was held in Accra 60 years ago, was attended by over 300 delegates which proved to be catalyst for liberation movements, a number of which achieved independence for their respective countries in 1960.

“Participants will include researchers, unionists, scholars, students, policy makers, political parties, journalists, individuals, civil society organisations and think tanks from all five regions in Africa, and seven countries in the Diaspora,” Prof Sawyer indicated. -GNA

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