Congratulations Richard Commey

Ghana at the weekend won another world title in boxing in far away Los Angeles in the United States of America (USA).

The boxer who put Ghana firmly back on the world boxing map is Richard Commey, who pummelled his opponent to a second round defeat, to win the International Boxing Federation (IBF) lightweight world title.

The Ghanaian who was fighting in a unification bout was reported to have taken the fight to his opponent at very fast pace, landing very hard shots.

He is reported to have first knocked his opponent, Isa Chaniev, down in the first round, in an attempt to finish the fight in the first round but the bell saved the Russian.

In the second and final round, Commey wasted no time in pounding his opponent in the opening seconds to knock the Russian down for the second time to end the fight.

This is a short commentary on the bout which has brought honour not only to Commey but to the entire nation.

“It means everything for my career. I want to accomplish my dreams,” Commey said, adding “I won because of hard work and I listened to my corner. I did everything they asked me to do. I’m very happy I won this world title and that I am a world champion.”

Indeed, Richard Commey deserves the accolades of a world champion and Ghanaians must applaud him for winning the world title for the country soon after Ghana lost a world title. Isaac Dogbe who was the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) Super Batamweight Champion, lost the title late last year in a title defence bout.

The achievement by Commey, is, therefore, a happy one which should be celebrated and acknowledged for whatever it is worth.

Our regret however, is that, Commey has not received much attention from the Ghanaian media and the reason why his fight received low publicity.

Anyway, that does not matter anymore.  The most important thing is that he has conquered the whole world and we salute him.

We say Ayeeko!.

While commending the new world champion, we advise him to take a cue from our previous champions who after working so hard to get to the top, allow complacency to set in leading to the loss of their titles.

We urge Commey, to, while basking in his glory to be mindful of the pitfalls and to continue to train hard and take every opponent serious in order to keep his title and stay at the top for a long time.

We salute the new champion of the world and wish him all the best.

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