John_Dramani_Mahama_at_Chatham_HousemaToday marks the two-year anniversary of President John Mahama and his Vice, Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, in office, following their swearing-in to steer the affairs of the country, on January 7, 2013.

Since assuming office as the fourth President of the Fourth Republic of Ghana, President Mahama would be the first to admit that the challenges confronting the country have been enormous.

Soon after swearing the oath of office and plunging into business as President, and Head of State, President Mahama began to feel the heat, with his critics constantly at his back.

Undoubtedly President Mahama would go down in the history of the country as one of the most criticised Presidents, since the Fourth Republic.

As a matter of fact, every action of his has been criticised, one way or the other, but the First Gentleman of the land, has always kept his composure.

After all, he has no choice; the essence of democracy is for the opposition to keep the government on track through criticisms, albeit constructively.

The Times commends the opposition for holding the President’s feet to the fire, sometimes to the utter discomfiture of the government.

Before taking office, the President was fully aware of what lay in store for him, from such a formidable opposition party as the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and they have in all honesty, not disappointed him.

Generally, Ghanaians may be fed up with the bipolar politics by which national issues are discussed along the lines of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the NPP all the time.

Admittedly however, the partisan politics notwithstanding, Ghana continues to receive very high ratings for its democratic culture and rule of law.

Indeed, the government has been able to perform the way it has, due to the work of the opposition.

As we join the President, his Vice and the government to celebrate the second anniversary, and inch towards the third year of his presidency, we wish to remind him of what he said when he swore the oath of office on December 7, 2013 at the Independence Square in Accra.

Promising that he would not let Ghanaians down, President Mahama pledged to work to ensure that the economic opportunities in the country are opened to all, to enable everybody to realise his or her full potential, irrespective of ethnic background, religious or political affiliation.

“I will work hard to place us on the right path and lead us through the hurdles and obstacles that will impede us from our goals,” he assured, and urged Ghanaians to have the faith and trust in him to deliver.

These words are still relevant, because there is still lots of hard work to do to bring us out of the woods, politically and economically.

We trust that with the government’s achievements so far, and the commitment to work hard, the country would chalk some successes this year.

Once again, our congratulations to the President and the government on their second anniversary of assumption of office.

We wish them the best!

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