CODEO: Old logo represents work of EC

Mr Arhin

Mr Arhin

The National Coordinator of the Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO), Albert Kofi Arhin has welcomed the decision by the Electoral Commission (EC) to revert to the use of the Election Management Body’s (EMB) original which was changed by impeached Chairperson Charlotte Osei.
He described the reversal as “not surprising because the old logo that has been brought back truly represents the work of the EC, when the old logo was changed, there was hue and cry because most Ghanaians didn’t understand the need for the change.

“I sided with those who didn’t want the change at the time because, looking at the one that is in use now, you see it didn’t mean anything.

“Looking at it as an outsider, you can say it meant nothing whereas the old one which they want to use now, anybody seeing it realise the commission is engaged in that kind of business, engaged in elections.

“The coat of arms was there, changing it into something abstract, it meant nothing and it also proved to me a lot didn’t go into the selection because there was hue and cry among the commissioners at that time, the consultation was not enough, it was like one person imposing authority on the others.

“All along, it has been controversial, I’m not surprised the new commissioners who have just come in have decided to go by the old one because it is actually representative of what the commission does.

“You find the ballot box there, you find somebody voting, you have the coat of arms of the country also boldly displayed, that represents what the commission does,” Mr. Arhin noted.

The Jean Mensa-led Electoral Commission on December 4, 2018 reverted to its old logo, effectively doing away with the new one instituted by the impeached Chairperson Charlotte Osei.

A memo to that effect circulated by Mrs. Mensa at the Election Management Body said: “Effective December 4, 2018, the original logo of the Electoral Commission which bears the coat of arms and has a ballot box showing the hand casting its vote, has been restored.

“The core values of the Electoral Commission, namely integrity, fairness and accountability have from yesterday also been restored.

“All communications from the Electoral Commission must from yesterday be made on the letterhead bearing the original logo of the commission as appears on the face of the letterhead,” the memo said. –

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