‘Cocaine saga: NDC rebuffs NPP’s allegation

Mr. Asiedu Nketia being interviewed by the Journalists after the news conference.  Photo. Maxwell K.BilsonThe General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Johnson Asiedu Nketia has accused the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) of deliberately attempting to silence the governing party’s criticism of the NPP’s complicity in the trading of illicit drugs.

Mr. Nketia said the move which was reignited after the arrest and subsequent incarceration of drug courier Nayele Ametefe, was intentionally calculated to weaken the NDC’s determination to fight the drug trade in the country. Miss Ametefe has since been serving eight years in the Unted Kingdom.

“A careful analysis of the statements particularly from the NPP leadership and their pliable members of the press can leave no one in doubt about desperate attempt to silence the NDC critics of NPP’s complicity in the cocaine menace thereby, weakening our resolve in fighting the menace,” Mr. Nketia stated.

At a press conference in Accra yesterday, he said, the NPP’s track record in the fight against cocaine was below par, a reason it was trying to link the NDC to Miss Ametefe.

Cataloging the “NPP’s false claims since the arrest of Nayele”, Mr. Nketia said earlier, claims that Miss Ametefe was in possession of a Ghanaian diplomatic passport which catapulted the NPP to link the ruling government to the illicit drug trade turned out to be false, when the Foreign Affairs Ministry provided documents that proved otherwise.

He said, claims that Nayele’s access to the VVIP aided by a ‘big man above’ was deflated when the facts were laid bare that the lady rather used the VIP lounge.

The supposed big man who has no relation with the NDC, he said, has since been arrested and put before court, in apparent reference to Alhaji Dawood, who was picked up days after Nayele was arrested.

According to Mr. Nketia, “perhaps the most disingenuous fabrication” of the NPP was to link Ghana’s mission staff to the scandal, who had gone to the Heathrow Airport, where Nayele was arrested, to meet a high powered delegation from Ghana.

General Mosquito, as Mr. Nketia is affectionately called, wondered why a visit by the staff of the Ghanaian High Commission in London to enquire about the arrest of a Ghanaian (Ametefe) in connection with illicit drugs could be misconstrued by the NPP, that the mission was complicit in the matter.

He said, every Ghanaian who finds himself in breach of the law in a foreign land was entitled to a courtesy of Ghana’s mission in that country, a position Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, flagbearer of the NPP espoused when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2005 in the arrest of the former Member of Paliament for Nkoranza North, Eric Amoateng in the United States of America in relation to drug trafficking.

He said it was unfair to infer that Nayele was referring to NDC top politicians when she pleaded for clemency at the London based court, that she was introduced to the illegal trade in 2004 after her marriage collapsed when in actual fact the NPP was in power at the said time.

He said unlike the NDC, the “NPP demonstrated hundred per cent tolerance for the cocaine business by using state resources to pay Eric Amoateng’s salary as MP for six months before his seat was declared vacant”.

“All punitive laws against narcotics were passed when the NDC was in power. The NDC in government implemented these laws zealously by confiscating properties of all convicted drug barons.


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