‘COA 72 drug is still under trial’

The Centre of Awareness (COA) has explained that the drug COA 72, is an unfinished product still being researched into.

A press statement issued in Accra at the weekend, signed by Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan, described the COA 72 as an intramuscular and intravenous injectable herbal product whose preliminary results indicated had the potential to cure HIV/AIDS.

The statement was issued in reaction to a statement by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) that it was unaware of, and had not licensed the drug.

The COA acknowledged that the FDA was unaware of the COA 72 because the drug was still undergoing research, adding that the press conference held to announce it was solely to seek potential financier for the required clinical trials.

“What the FDA is aware of and has approved for use by the general public is COA FS, a food supplement that helps in the general wellbeing of users,” the statement said, adding, ”COA 72, the injectable (currently under research) is, therefore, different from COA  FS, the food supplement, which has the approval of the FDA.”

It said vivo pilot studies conducted in South Africa proved that intramuscular administration of COA 72 had the ability to expose viruses living in latently infected cells into the blood stream and flush them out by intravenous administration of COA 72 in five days.

“This means that Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) could be flushed out from the human body within a maximum of ten days.”

The press conference was held to create awareness for COA 72 and seek fund for further trials. Tests using International Standard Protocols by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for global acceptance, are still required to be done with the support of all including government, interested research institutions and persons all over the world, as a cure for HIV/AIDS.”

It explained that at the press conference, mention of the COA FS (with Food and Drugs Board registration number FDB/HD. 16-9248 was made as a drug produced by COA as a food supplement approved by the FDA,, not as a cure for HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Ato Duncan went to great lengths to explain the difference between the two drugs and further elaborated on them when at question time it became clear that some journalists were mixing up the two different drugs.

“By this statement, therefore, COA wishes to clear the air that the COA 72 is an unfinished product still under research, which needs the support of all for further trials, whereas, the COA FS is a food supplement that assists in the general wellbeing of users and should not be confused with the COA 72, which is an injectable under research.”




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