Clubs urged to stop players from using public transport before matches

Football psychologist and interim assistant coach of the Black Stars, Professor Mintah has warned clubs to stop their players from boarding public transport to play matches, insisting it reduces the players’ self-confidence and breeds inferiority complex.

According to him, if players use commercial vehicles to arrive at match venues, they feel inferior to their opponents, more especially, when the opponents are well organised in their team buses.

His warning followed leaked videos of Accra Great Olympics players caught on camera struggling with other passengers for space in ‘trotros’ and taxis to go home after their disappointing goalless draw with WAFA.

“Not having a team bus and compelling players to take taxis is part of team dynamics. It’s part of the things that bring about inferiority complex,” he told

“When players move in different cars like that, they don’t feel like being in a team, especially when they see their opponents well organised in their bus. That reduces team cohesion and team unity and that will certainly make them feel that they are not important compared to their opponents.

He therefore advised clubs to make sure it does not set into their teams.

“When inferiority complex sets in, it reduces the players’ level of confidence and confidence is tied up to performance. So if they can’t manage their confidence, they feel they are not up to that level,” he added.

The Ghana Premier League (GPL) returnees are yet to win a game in five matches, having just two points from two drawn games and losing three.

The practice appears common among many clubs in the country but the recent wind blowing in the camp of Great Olympics has alarmed many who believe clubs must sit up to the call of professionalism.

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