Mankind is gradually driving to its doom due to the neglect of the environment.

Our activities are worsening the climatic conditions, and we seem to care less about the situation.

Each day, trees are cut for various purposes, without conscious efforts to replant any.

In the urban areas, the trees are cut to make way for residential accommodation, while those in the villages and semi-urban areas clear the land of trees for farming, degrading the environment.

Worse of all are those charcoal producers and hunters who set fire to forests, which goes to further destroy the ozone layer.

Added to these are exhaust fumes emanating from rickety vehicles.

These are some of the factors in the developing countries adversely contributing to the change of the climate.

However, the role of developing countries in the worsening situation of the climate change is minimal, as compared to that of the developed countries with giant industries pumping gas and other environmentally destructive substances into the atmosphere.

It can appropriately be said that the world is racing towards its destruction, and the developed countries are mostly to blame.

That is why they have greater responsibility in championing climate change issues, without shifting it to the Third World.

It is well that we are being conscientised on the effects of the climate change, but The Times believes this must be supported with adequate funding and resources for the national efforts to succeed.

The Times, therefore, supports the call by the Minister of Environment, Science and Technology on the developed countries to transfer their technological expertise on climate change to the developing nations to address this global challenge.

Surely, as the Minister, Mr. Mahama Ayariga stated, the fight against climate change cannot be won if the developed countries continue to hold on to their expertise to combat and control it.

As the nations prepare towards the Climate Change Conference scheduled for Paris, France, in December, The Times believes their focus should be on co-operation towards effectively fighting the menace.

We need to work together, for the worsening climatic conditions portend doom for all of us.

As the old adage goes, “When the rain falls, it does not fall on one man’s house.”

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