Clergy urged to stick to their core business

Mr. Edward Doe Adjaho,Speaker of Parliament

Mr. Edward Doe Adjaho,Speaker of Parliament

Mr. Edward Doe Adjaho, Speaker of  Parliament, has advised professionals, especially the clergy to go about their core business without interfering with others.

He said “God in His own wisdom has assigned direct professions to various people, and “we all must focus on our areas of specialisation while we allow others to also do what they know to do best.”

The Speaker was addressing the 2016 Triennial National Rally of the Global Evangelical Church National Choirs’ Union at Kpando, in the Volta Region.

He said some members of the clergy, instead of concentrating on their calling as ministers of the gospel, had turned into politicians trying to speak to issues they were not abreast of.

The Speaker commended the leadership and Pastors of the Global Evangelical Church for remaining committed to their callings and not involving themselves in unnecessary talking”.

The Right Rev. Dr. Setorwu Ofori, Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church in a sermon, under the theme: Radiating God’s Kingdom on Earth”, said God called everyone into ministry and as children of God, “we must live Christ-like lifestyles wherever we find ourselves.”

He appealed to all to use their gifts and professions to the glory of God, adding that, “wherever you are serving, radiate God’s glory.”

The Moderator abhorred the practice where some Christians indulged in co-habitation, drinking and other immoral lifestyles which did not glorify God.

On the upcoming general elections, he encouraged all to go out in their numbers and cast their votes “only for candidates who promise you hard work, and not those who promise to give you food or even to feed you.”

He cautioned that nobody should engage in any form of vandalism, but to go about their civic responsibilities in orderly manner, “since the God that we serve is the God of order.”

Rt. Rev. Dr. Ofori appealed to those who are desperately using various means to go abroad in search of non-existing greener pastures, to stay back and use their God-given talents here.

The Rev. M.S.K. Lanyo, outgoing National Coordinator for the Church Choirs’ Union, in his report, expressed his gratitude to God for His sustenance, and the church for the opportunity given him to serve.

He urged the choirs to humble themselves to the leadership of the church, strive for holiness, remain united and work hard to attain “the eternal crown that awaits the children of God.”



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