Clergy told to promote good environmental practices

Mr. Kwasi Oppong Ababio, Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Sunyani, has urged church leaders to inculcate in their youth the importance of ensuring good environmental and proper sanitation practices in their localities.

He said it was regrettable that Ghana had been ranked the seventh dirtiest country in the world and urged church leaders to educate their congregations on the need to maintain good environmental practices to help keep the nation clean.

“The ranking is painful and also shameful for the nation because we attend churches well dressed in our best and clean clothes, therefore it is important that our cleanliness is not shown in the church only, but also in all our endeavours and individual personal lives”.

Mr Oppong – Ababio was addressing the closing ceremony of a four-day biennial National Youth Convention of the Christ Apostolic Church on Sunday at the Jubilee Park in Sunyani on the theme “Until Christ is formed in you”.

About 8,000 youth of the church from the 10 regions of the country attended the convention which was to promote good morality, attain holiness, righteousness and other spiritual virtues that would not only promote good lives but also bring out the virtues that would help propel the nation’s development.

Nana Bofotia Boamponsem, Krontihene of Sunyani, also asked churches to declare their stand on the gay and lesbianism issue, saying it was abominable for a nation to accept the practice.

He condemned the western world for coercing nations around the world to accept the practice for monetary gains.

Nana Boamponsem called for total rejection of the practice, stressing that it was against the moral and spiritual lives of the people of Ghana.

Apostle Dr. Stephen Kwame Amo-ani, Chairman of Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI), said the acquisition of intellectual knowledge would be meaningless in the individual’s life without the virtue of the fear of God.

Apostle Dr. Amoani, who is also the Second Vice-Chairman of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charistimatic Council, said though a nation was developed through the level of education of its human resources, that fact would not be fully complete if those human resources were not spiritually moulded, tailored or trained along the lines of Christian virtues.

Apostle Dr. Amoani emphasised that intellectual knowledge devoid of formation of Christ in a person was bound to breed vices like bribery and corruption, armed robbery and other unproductive tendencies among leaders of a nation.

Speaking on the topic “The Life That I live”, Apostle Joseph Sakyi, Christian Education Director of the church, said prior to Apostle Paul’s conversion, he was a great Hebrew theological scholar, a Roman citizen and a zealous young Pharisee.

But those attributes and achievements were nothing to Apostle Paul when he encountered Jesus Christ, Apostle Sakyi said and added “without Christ, there is no trust in man and life therefore is meaningless”.

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