CJ: Political Insults Discourage Snr. Citizens

SAM_2449Political insults and disparaging remarks are discouraging eminent citizens with divergent views from contributing to national discourse on the socio-economic development of the country, the Chief Justice Mrs. Georgina Theodora Wood has observed.

She said that the nation could boast of many well-meaning citizens with dissenting  voices, however “the fear of  being torn into shreds” was compelling such persons  to opt for keeping to themselves and not meddling in national or political affairs,  a situation she described as tragic.

The Chief Justice said such persons were saying to themselves that “it is better to keep quiet in this evil times” which was not good enough for the nation and, therefore, called for civility and mutual respect for each other in public debate and discourse, saying this would be one of the best legacies to the next generation.

She made the statement as the guest speaker on Saturday at a book launch held at the Trinity Congregation here under the theme, “Peace and national cohesion through tolerance”. The title of the 222-page book is, “Heaven to earth” written by Rev Dr. Isaac Fokuo.
Justice Wood was, however, quick to add that the call for tolerance did not mean condoning wrongdoing; neither did it imply sweeping every kind of misconduct and evil under the carpet in the name of peace.

“Tolerance is not an escape route for the undisciplined; those who act with impunity and expect not to be called to account. This then means that, the rule of law, which we all know promotes order; must be allowed free to reign in this country,” she said.

She emphasised that peace and tolerance towards national cohesion was the responsibility not only for government and state institutions but also for all and sundry; civil society, various social groups, workers’ unions, market women, students, religious groups among others, hence the need for all persons to get involved.

The Chief Justice commended the author, Rev Dr. Fokuo, for his book which sought to unfold the content of The Lord’s prayer in a manner that would enlighten   the spiritual understanding of Christians in a practical way and described it as a timely contribution to Christian scholarship and theology.

Rev Dr Fokuo said the book titled, “Heaven to earth” combines the beatitudes and The Lord’s prayer which were direct words from the mouth of the Lord.

He said the two prayers  are able to heal, cleanse and restore souls and, therefore, should be prayed with meaning and seriousness, adding that the book was a practical guide to the liberation in all aspects of life including that of an individual and even the nation and encouraged all persons to patronise it. From Dzifa Emma Tetteh, Tema

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